• June 20, 2021

Exclusive: 3D Printing Cocktail Bars : Mariposa Negra Bar

 Exclusive: 3D Printing Cocktail Bars : Mariposa Negra Bar

The Mariposa Negra Bar in Spain recently opened its doors as a first-of-its-kind cocktail bar concept that will use 3D and laser printing technology to create its own ceramic glasses, straws and decorations. Thanks to the possibilites of 3D and laser techniques, the bar can create totally unique glasses and decorations that vary in size, shape and color to best enhance the flavors and aromas of different drinks. As such, the experience is an immersive one and each new visit promises something new to discover.

The concept comes from renowned international mixologist Luca Corradini, who says, “3D printing helps us to expand and not put limits on our imagination. This technology allows us to print everything that we imagine in a prototype that later by means of molding techniques we can transform it into clay and later into ceramic by heating it in our oven at 1300° temperature.”

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