• August 4, 2021

Exclusive: Addison Rae’s Debut Film, He’s All That Teaser Sparks Backlash Online

 Exclusive: Addison Rae’s Debut Film, He’s All That Teaser Sparks Backlash Online

Addison Rae who is a popular internet personality is now making her entry into the film fraternity. The influencer is making her debut in a movie which is the rehash of the 1999 film, She’s All That. She plays the popular girl Padgett Sawyer, daughter of Rachel Leigh Cook’s character from the original movie.

He’s All That is set to premiere on August 27th and will revolve around Padgett taking on a bet to make high school outcast, Tanner Buchanan the prom king. The trailer of the movie has been released recently, however, the online community is displeased.

Users have not taken well to the trailer for Addison’s debut and the movie is receiving immense backlash over Addison’s involvement in the movie. This comes after she introduced herself to former President Donald Trump at a recent UFC fight on July 10th. Users commented negatively as one stated they can already see the ratings now.

Another user commented, “What has this world come to…” Many users commented on Addison’s acting skills while others mentioned how the remake was a mockery of the original. Many people were collectively negative towards Addison’s acting in the 15-second trailer. One user wrote, “Tiktokers need to stay in TikTok”, while another urged Netflix to stop making cringe movies.

In the Twitter post’s quote tweets, one user commented that the movie was nothing more than a gender-swapped version of the original. Another user stated that the trailer “just looks absolutely horrifying.”

He’s All That is set to be released on August 27th and stars Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard from the original 1999 film. Addison Rae has not yet commented on the reception of the trailer.

What did you think about the trailer of He’s All That? Let us know in the comments below.

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