• September 19, 2021

Exclusive: Algorithmically Enhanced Music Playlists : Spotify ‘Enhance’

 Exclusive: Algorithmically Enhanced Music Playlists : Spotify ‘Enhance’

The newly launched Spotify ‘Enhance’ feature will automatically recommend songs for users already existing playlists by algorithmically assessing its style and themes.

The new feature will come in the form of an ‘Enhance’ button at the top of all playlists on the app. Once tapped, Spotify’s proprietary algorithm will automatically add recommended songs to the playlist based on what it believes will align best with the music already there. Songs recommended by ‘Enhance’ will be marked with a green star icon, giving users the chance to either delete the recommendation or add it to their playlist permanently by pressing the plus button.

According to the company, songs added through ‘Enhance’ will not impact the original playlist itself as it can be easily toggled on and off. In addition, users will not have to worry about their playlists becoming overwhelmed with recommended content — Spotify has set a maximum of 30 recommended songs per playlist unless configured otherwise by users.

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