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  • May 15, 2021

Exclusive: Anthropomorphic Moving-Eye Webcams : eyecam

 Exclusive: Anthropomorphic Moving-Eye Webcams : eyecam

The Eyecam, a webcam physiologically modeled after a real human eye, is the bizarre result of designer and researcher Marc Teyssier’s work with the De Vinci Innovation Center.

The Eyecam features an automatically adapting moving-eye camera that reacts dynamically and organically to movement in front of it. Built into the camera is a complex system of affective human behavior that allows the webcam to look alert, tired, curious, and more by making minute changes to the eyeball and eyelid.

Marc Teyssier’s project draws critical attention to the ways in which society has normalized viewing and being viewed through virtual devices like webcams and phone cameras, often to the detriment of privacy. The Eyecam’s software and hardware are both open-source, so other designers and artists can use, change, and extend on this novel concept.

Image Credit: Marc Teyssier

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