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  • May 18, 2021

Exclusive: Brain-Sensing Headphones : Neurable Headphones

 Exclusive: Brain-Sensing Headphones : Neurable Headphones

Putting on a pair of headphones is helpful for blocking out surrounding distractions and these Neurable headphones take this concept to the next level with EEG brainwave sensors. The brain-sensing headphones help to measure focus levels, so that people can stay on top of their habits and work in a more effective way.

According to Neurable, “the average individual spends only two hours and 53 minutes of their standard workday actively getting tasks done,” and once the concentration is broken, it takes 11 minutes on average to regain that sense of focus. The headphones help with automatically muting notifications, minimizing burnout and encouraging a sense of focus and concentration with suggested playlists. With machine learning algorithms to help people work better, these headphones promise to be a great WFH solution.

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