• June 20, 2021

Exclusive: Campsite Hunting Apps : Campnab1

 Exclusive: Campsite Hunting Apps : Campnab1

Camping grounds have become increasingly difficult to book as an influx of restricted consumers look to escape their homes this summer. One app helping people reserve these hard-to-book camping sites is Campnab.

For a fee of $10, the platform will monitor a location of your choice and instantly notify you if a reservable campsite becomes available. Campnab doesn’t actually book the site for you, only notifying its subscriber when their preferred location is available, increasing their chances of booking the spot.

Currently, the app is able to monitor over 3,200 provincial, national and state parks and 7,000 campgrounds in Canada and the U.S. Campnab continues to add new parks to its monitoring list in an effort to better serve its clients.

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