• August 1, 2021

Exclusive: Connect! Unite! Act! Readers and book lovers welcome you to talk about the books you love

 Exclusive: Connect! Unite! Act! Readers and book lovers welcome you to talk about the books you love

Readers & Book Lovers has existed on Daily Kos for 10 years after forming in 2011. Their motto is simple, and the readership and writing is exactly what you would expect from a group that loves a good novel.

Where readers, writers, bibliophiles, and lovers of all things literary find their favorite series and one-of-a-kind diaries, including “Bookflurries,” “Write On!,” and “Books So Bad They’re Good.” Plus newer series like “Indigo Kalliope,” “Contemporary Fiction Views,” “LGBT Literature,” and “Books Go Boom!” We hope you’ll visit Readers & Book Lovers for the same reasons you get together with a friend — for the community of like-minded people who share your passion for the written word in all its forms — and that you’ll stay because you’re always welcome. Members of R&BL know “people who love books never go to bed alone.”

Community members and new readers can engage in discussing what they’re reading right now, books they anticipate, books that are exciting or terrible. Read a pulpy novel that still made you think? Readers & Book Lovers can appreciate it with you. They might be able to find the right book for you if you’re looking for one, too.

Have you ever wanted to fine-tune your own writing skill, or imagined a play or fiction story you want to put together? Hop over to write on! Members of Readers & Book Lovers engage in great exercises built to improve how you write and express your imagination.

Readers & Book Lovers has a weekly schedule that allows you to find any topic you’re looking for by joining their group or waiting for a post.


Every week in Connect! Unite! Act! I’m going to highlight a group here at Daily Kos. Our groups are varied. They can be regional and based on specific political goals, like a state-based group, or a group can be about finding common community—like Readers & Book Lovers. All of these groups help humanize us and remind us that what we are all working toward is connecting with other people all over the country and helping them unite and act. That can require some mental relaxation and personal support, it can be about relaying information in a timely matter about a local issue, or it can be about sharing cute photos of our pets—whatever it is that helps connect you to another human being and builds up that conversation Daily Kos has been a part of that effort from the beginning. 

Daily Kos promotes a true community experience, and I know in Readers & Book Lovers that when you’re ready to talk about a book, they’re ready to listen! You also won’t have to keep it to a whisper. Our library has different rules. 

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