• June 20, 2021

Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul rules, explained: No judges means there’s only one way to ‘win’

 Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul rules, explained: No judges means there’s only one way to ‘win’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Logan Paul will square off in an special exhibition bout on June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. The exhibition will put one of the greatest boxers of our generation against a YouTube sensation who has an 0-1 record as a professional. Considering that the two are vastly different in terms of skill, experience and body type, the fight will happen under a special set of rules established by the Florida Boxing Commission. 

In a similar manner as the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition fight that took place last November, the fight won’t count as an official bout. Regardless of the outcome, Mayweather’s record will remain a spotless 50-0 while Paul cannot improve on his 0-1 record as a professional. This will be Mayweather’s second exhibition bout with his first taking place on Dec. 31, 2018. Mayweather stopped undefeated kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in the first round of a scheduled three-round fight. 

As for Paul, he returns to a boxing ring after a split decision loss to KSI in November of 2019 in his only pro bout. 

Here are the rules. 

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul rules

  • No judges
  • No official winner read
  • Knockouts legal
  • Knockouts are up to the referee’s discretion
  • No headgear
  • 10 oz. gloves
  • Eight 3-minute rounds

Let’s break down these rules.

How many rounds is Mayweather-Paul?

Mayweather vs. Paul is scheduled for eight 3-minute rounds. Although Mayweather fought a majority of his boxing career in fights that were scheduled for 12 rounds, Paul’s only professional fight — against KSI — was a scheduled six-round bout. 

Will there be a winner announced?

Well, not necessarily. Per the Florida commission there will be no judges and no official winner read. “Official” may be the key word here as an exhibition will not count toward a fighter’s actual win-loss record. Similar to the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones exhibition, there will be no winner announced if the fight goes the distance.  But there is a way that a fighter can “win.”

Are knockouts are legal?

Yes, there can be a knockout determined by the referee. That essentially means the fight will be stopped at the referee’s discretion if an opponent cannot continue due to accumulated damaged or being knocked down. This rule has been put in place to protect the fighters from taking unnecessary damage. Again, this won’t count as it is not an official sanctioned boxing match. 

What kind of ring gear will Mayweather and Paul wear?

  • 12-ounce gloves
  • No headgear

Both fighters will wear 12-ounce gloves, which is the standard for amateur boxing fights between the middleweight and heavyweight divisions. Mayweather has normally worn 8-ounce gloves throughout his career.

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