• June 20, 2021

Exclusive: Hyper-Realistic Tattoo Filters : tattoo filter

 Exclusive: Hyper-Realistic Tattoo Filters : tattoo filter

Content creator Jeferson Araujo offers a hyper-realistic tattoo filter called ‘Rampage’ that projects tattoos onto a user’s skin. Araujo’s filter uses Skin Segmentation technology developed by Facebook Reality Labs to simulate a smooth tattoo projection that looks natural on the skin. This technology can detect differences between clothes, hair, and skin, which enables the tattoo filter to blend in seamlessly.

Araujo’s tattoo filter uses designs from popular artist Lloyd Stratton. The designs consist of floral arrangements and stylized butterflies alongside more traditional pieces like skulls and knots. The tattoo filter has been applied over 100 million times since its inception. In the future, this software could be used to virtually preview real tattoos. Instagram users can access the tattoo filter by visiting Araujo’s profile, accessing his ‘Tattoo’ highlight, and clicking on ‘Try Rampage.’

Image Credit: Distractify

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