• August 1, 2021

Exclusive: Intern’s Email Goof at HBO Max Inspires Hundreds to Show Support on Twitter

 Exclusive: Intern’s Email Goof at HBO Max Inspires Hundreds to Show Support on Twitter

CBS News reports:
A mysterious and puzzling email with the subject line of “Integration Test Email #1” landed in the boxes of some HBO Max subscribers on Thursday. Just hours later, the company said that the message was intended to be an empty test email, and “yes, it was the intern.” The unnamed intern quickly became the new star of HBO Max on social media, as hundreds of encouraging messages poured in to reassure the intern that mistakes happen, in all phases of careers… And instead of subscribers responding with angry messages about an inconvenience, they used the opportunity to tell their own stories of work snafus…

One individual wrote about how they “once globally took down Spotify.” It almost happened twice,” they wrote. “…You managed to find something broken in the way integration tests are done. It’s a good thing and will help improve things….”

“When I was 25 I made a PDF assigning each employee to the Muppet they reminded me of the most,” another wrote. “I meant to send it to my work friend, but I accidentally sent it to the entire company. My supervisor (Beaker) wanted to fire me, but the owners (Bert & Ernie) intervened.”
Dozens of news outlets, from the Huffington Post to media wire services, soon began covering the funny stories shared in support:

  • “Don’t feel bad Integration Test Email #1 intern…when I was an intern once I accidentally powered off every device during a complicated laser experiment at MIT.”
  • “In the first month of my new HR job with a major defense contractor, I sent out an email about shirt orders that included the division president and several corporate leaders. Title of email: Your Shit is in the HR Office…”

But my favorite reply of all?

“Dear intern, welcome to Systems Engineering.”

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