• July 26, 2021

Exclusive: Kids Animated Series Rainbow Rangers Set To Release On Netflix In July 2021

 Exclusive: Kids Animated Series Rainbow Rangers Set To Release On Netflix In July 2021

Netflix is set to license the first season of the Rainbow Ranger children’s animated series. At least 26 episodes of the show are expected and should be released on Netflix in most regions by July 2021.

Netflix in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East will all be hosting at least one season of the show at a certain time in July 2021.

HBO Max and Prime Prime are also expected to host regional shows in many places.

About Rainbow Rangers

The show has already been broadcast in America via the famous Kartoon Channel among kids! and Nick Jr has also shown the show so far. Nick Jr started broadcasting the series back in November 2018.

Directed by Sean Scott the first season of Rainbow Ranger follows seven magical girls who serve as guardians of the mother Earth and the universe (all are the colors of the rainbow).

Each episode is approximately 11 minutes long and the first season is expected to be 26 episodes on Netflix although 52 episodes were originally decided divided in two seasons.

What About Other Seasons

Whether season 2 will hit Netflix is unknown but is expected at some point. Season 3, however, will be for for the Kartoon Channel only! Its addition to Netflix and other services will likely be in an effort to engage audiences and then search for future seasons. Whether this works in practice is another story.

We have seen that Netflix has been pushing hard on children’s content over the years whether it is done through its partnerships with Dreamworks TV, large investments in Netflix Animation, or picking up licensing deals like these.

In recent months, Netflix has taken over The Smurfs and has been licensing more content from Nickelodeon.

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