• July 30, 2021

Exclusive: KSI Roasts Bryce Hall Over His Boxing Skills On ImPaulsive Podcast

 Exclusive: KSI Roasts Bryce Hall Over His Boxing Skills On ImPaulsive Podcast

KSI recently made a guest appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast after his paid-exclusive KSI Show. The influencer joined Logan and discussed everything about their boxing careers before they brought up the Social Gloves boxing event.

The rapper talked about his brother’s fellow Youtuber Deji, fight against Vinnie Hacker. He then turned the conversation around to Bryce Hall’s main event with Austin McBroom. The influencer said Bryce was terrible. He said, “Bryce is terrible, bro. Bryce was like, he just, I don’t know if he froze up but bro, like 40 street fights and he does that. What the f–k, man?”

The co-host of Impaulsive joked about how people in those many fights do not keep count of them. Before the Social Gloves boxing event, Bryce had stated that he has been in “forty street fights” and he would be able to last in the ring. However, on June 12th, Bryce lost in a technical knock-out against Austin McBroom.

The TikTok star had previously challenged KSI on social media hoping to face the British YouTuber in a boxing match before losing against Austin. Both Logan and KSI had sat down after Logan’s appearance on the KSI show to discuss the alleged bankruptcy of Social Gloves. KSI said he does not even know if they got paid for that.

Logan Paul and KSI then discussed the pay-per-view rate of the boxing event ranging from 150 thousand to 300 thousand. KSI mentioned that brother Deji and “Gabe” were paid in advance. He then added that boxing events are hard and both of them learned it with their first fight which they sold for ten dollars.

KSI Says Boxing Events Are Hard to Organize

The rapper said, “Bro, these boxing events are hard. As you know, as we learned with our first fight which we sold for ten dollars. We sold for ten dollars, cheap as f–k. On YouTube, 1.2 million bucks at ten dollars and pirated over three million others. I learned how hard it is to sell a pay-per-view.”

KSI and Logan further discussed Logan’s fight with Floyd Mayweather before changing topics to celebrities who are getting back to boxing.

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