• June 17, 2021

Exclusive: Law firm pushes out partner who filed MyPillow Guy suit ‘without firm authorization’

 Exclusive: Law firm pushes out partner who filed MyPillow Guy suit ‘without firm authorization’

When Lindell filed the suit, he was supposedly represented by Alec Beck, a partner at the the Minneapolis office of Barnes & Thornburg. But Friday, Barnes & Thornburg made a very noisy and very public withdrawal from the case.

Beck’s page on the Barnes & Thornburg website was no longer functional as of publication, although Archive.org shows that it was still up when the lawsuit was filed.

In a statement, the law firm said: “Late last night, firm management became aware of the filing of the complaint, which was done without receiving firm authorization pursuant to internal firm approval procedures. While the firm cannot comment substantively on pending matters, the firm is immediately taking the requisite steps to withdraw as local counsel in this matter and end the client relationship. The attorney representing the client in this matter is no longer with the firm.”

Cliff Notes version: Beck filed this suit without permission, and he was told that he had to choose between his place at the firm and the MyPillow Guy. He apparently chose the MyPillow Guy.

Owen Barcala, an attorney in New Mexico, took to Twitter to explain just how serious this is.


Beck, it seems, is content going it alone.


It’s hard to blame the folks at both the Minneapolis office and firm headquarters in Indianapolis for being up in arms at the initial sight of their firm’s name in this suit. Remember, we saw lawyers for Trump and his acolytes publicly and loudly rebuked by judges for the sheer baselessness of their claims—and some even threatened the lawyers with sanctions for not acting in good faith.

The only question at this point is how soon Beck himself will face a similar rebuke—and how much in sanctions he and the MyPillow Guy will have to cough up. After all, as Brad Heath of Reuters noted, this appears to be the definition of a frivolous lawsuit.


Filings like this are what make judges look in their thesauruses to find synonyms for “absurd” and “frivolous.”

Pass the popcorn.

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