• September 27, 2021

Exclusive: Livestream Resale Marketplaces : resale marketplace

 Exclusive: Livestream Resale Marketplaces : resale marketplace

Galaxy sets itself apart as an online fashion resale marketplace that offers live shopping experiences and appeals to Gen Z. Through the platform, users can shop for pre-loved items and thanks to the live nature of Galaxy, it’s easy to get a sense of exactly what they’re purchasing and from whom.

The unique experience was inspired by fashion fans selling on other popular fashion resale platforms, and trying to build up a following on other social channels. and as Danny Quick, one of the founders, describes, “It started with us asking ourselves: what would the dream community-based marketplace of second-hand fashion look like? How could we help these entrepreneurs build their community?”

The platform speaks to a community of people who are passionate about thrifted fashion, upcycled pieces and boutique brands.

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