• August 2, 2021

Exclusive: Michael Cohen claims Trump told him he’d let Don Jr. go to prison before Princess Ivanka

 Exclusive: Michael Cohen claims Trump told him he’d let Don Jr. go to prison before Princess Ivanka

In a recent interview, Cohen, who took the fall in Individual-1’s stead over the latter’s campaign finance tomfoolery, said Trump would, if it ever came down to it, throw Don Jr. under the bus before Ivanka could finish putting on her lip gloss. 

The Mercury News:

In an interview with The Lincoln Project, Cohen recalled Trump saying that if it comes down to Don Jr. or Ivanka going to prison that it should be Don Jr.

“Donald says to me, ‘If one of the two has to end up going, let it be Don: He can handle it,’” Cohen recalled Trump saying.

This conversation took place around 2012 when the same district attorney’s office, led by Cyrus Vance Jr., was considering bringing felony fraud charges against Trump’s two oldest children on allegations they deliberately provided misleading information to prospective buyers at the Trump SoHo, a hotel and condo development in Manhattan.

Now, I don’t suppose Trump is actually reptilian enough to eat his children, but I do think he’d sacrifice them for the greater good of Donald Trump. Because to Trump, Donald Trump is the summum bonum of the entire Trumpiverse. And I suppose it would be tough for Ivanka to find contraband couture in prison, whereas it wouldn’t be all that difficult to find a mattress stain that looks like Kimberly Guilfoyle … so Junior would be a lot more likely to feel at home.

But the overarching point isn’t that Trump would choose to spare Ivanka in lieu of Don Jr.

It’s that Trump would choose to spare his own neck in lieu of literally anyone else’s. 

From the same interview:


COHEN: “There’s a level of arrogance—it’s not just arrogance, it’s also ignorance—that exists at the Trump Organization where people truly believe, like Donald, that you’re untouchable. ‘He’s the Teflon Don …

(dramatic glasses removal)

… and therefore, since he’s the Teflon Don, he’s going to figure out how to save me.’ Well, no, Donald’s not going to save you, you dumbass. Donald is going to fucking throw you under the proverbial bus, and when you get run over by the tire, he’s going to jump into the driver’s seat and he’s going to run over you again to make sure that you’re gone. That’s just Donald.”

Of course, none of this means Trump would actually fall on his sword for his favorite child. Not if the heat were closing in on him, that is. “But rest assured, she goes before [Trump] does,” Cohen said of Ivanka. “Melania would go before Donald would go.”

This has all become far more relevant now that the walls appear to be closing in on TrumpWorld. Hey, I want to see them all in prison, but I’d rather see the Big Ocher Arschloch in the brig before any sorry paella of his demon spawn and underlings.

Hopefully Vance and New York Attorney General Letitia James are focusing on the Big Cheese and not his squeaky little curds. Don Jr. would be an aperitif, but Teflon Don is the whole fucking meal. 

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