• September 19, 2021

Exclusive: New polling shows voters responding to Biden’s aggressive vaccine push

 Exclusive: New polling shows voters responding to Biden’s aggressive vaccine push

At the White House press briefing Wednesday, press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged Americans’ “frustration” but recommitted the administration to use “every lever possible” to “protect more people, to save more lives.”

New polling from Navigator Research, a consortium of Democratic pollsters, shows that voters appear to be responding to Biden’s more aggressive efforts to vaccinate the nation and beat back the pandemic.

Over the past couple of weeks, Navigator found a 4-point increase in the share of voters who say Biden “is doing enough” to get the U.S. past the pandemic, including a 5-point increase among both independents (33% to 38%) and Republicans (23% to 28%). The poll was conducted after Biden announced his new vaccine push last week (Sept. 9-13) and found that, overall, a 48% – 37% plurality of voters now say Biden is doing enough to end the pandemic, up from 44% at the end of last August.

Public opinion of Republicans, however, is moving in the other direction. A 54% majority of voters say Republicans in Congress aren’t doing enough to end the pandemic nationwide, up from 51% late last month. And just 29% of voters think GOP congressional members are doing enough to get the country past the pandemic.

Graph showing breakdown of how voters of differing parties and demographics view the efforts of Joe Biden and Congressional Republicans to end the pandemic.

Pandemic pessimism has also dipped slightly among voters since Biden’s announcement, with the percentage of respondents saying “the worst is yet to come” in the pandemic falling from 54% in late August to 47% now. The decline was mainly driven by independents (61% to 49%), Black Americans (68% to 49%), AAPI (51% to 36%), and Hispanic Americans (55% to 43%), according to Navigator. 

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