• August 1, 2021

Exclusive: News Network NFT Platforms : vault by cnn

 Exclusive: News Network NFT Platforms : vault by cnn

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are making headlines since some works of art and memes are selling for millions of dollars, and now that everything from videos and GIFs to photos are being tokenized, Vault by CNN is launching to help peope collect iconic moments in time. The platform, debuting later this month, will give users the opportunity to purchase news clips and display them on their own Vault page.

As CNN recognizes, how and what collectors collect is changing and with this platform, “a collector has a way to “collect” those original digital Moments as well as track those Moments to verify authenticity.”

To start, CNN says that it will be releasing a series of weekly drops based on different themes such as notable “firsts,” breakthroughs in science and technology, CNN exclusives and more.

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