• August 4, 2021

Exclusive: NFT Art Exhibitions : free virtual art

 Exclusive: NFT Art Exhibitions : free virtual art

DeNations hosted an NFT art exhibition and gave away free virtual art to digital asset collectors. DeNations, the blockchain-powered metaverse platform based in Hong Kong, launched a new collaboration called DeNations Art Chain. This decentralized ecosystem is geared towards helping artists produce valuable digital assets, and helping “more people get familiar with the concept of NFT, Defi, and metaverse by having their own NFTs in their wallets.”

The online event gave everyone the chance to claim a free art NFT, which can be used for both Art Farming and DGDP Boosting within the metaverse. This first-of-its-kind exhibition stands out for being sponsored by the blockchain-based Metaverse.

DeNations and Jeon Byeong Sam also hosted an offline exhibition featuring 207 NFTs and 207 pieces of physical art.

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