• August 4, 2021

Exclusive: Obamacare hits major enrollment milestone on ‘Summer Sprint’ to August 15 deadline

 Exclusive: Obamacare hits major enrollment milestone on ‘Summer Sprint’ to August 15 deadline


That outreach includes some well-produced ads in the form of testimonials from a handful of people who have enrolled and saved a lot of money in the process. Like Dorothy, a hair stylist in Charlotte, North Carolina, who is paying nothing for her new coverage. Yes. Zero dollars.

There’s also Jeremy in Houston, Texas. He’s a small-business owner, operating a café and he is paying less than $10 a month for coverage.

The administration will run these ads as well as Spanish-language ads on broadcast television during prime-time and during the Olympics, as well as placing them online, “with increased outreach directed to underserved and minority populations.”

Here’s the deal. Uninsured people can enroll through Aug. 15 and probably find a plan for $10 or less a month. What’s more, already enrolled customers—people who have Obamacare plans already—can update or change their current plan selection and quite possibly save a lot of money. CMS says that 1.2 million of the people who’ve either enrolled for the first time or found new plans since April are in plans with $10 or less in monthly costs. This is thanks to the expansion of subsidies for coverage included in the COVID-19 relief bill. Even those existing customers who haven’t enrolled in new plans will receive savings, CMS says. The system will automatically update their information and apply the savings, effective Sept. 1, 2021—but anyone with a change in financial circumstances since they first enrolled should make sure their information is current.

What a difference an administration makes. Biden opened enrollment for most of the year, resulting in millions fewer being uninsured in plans where they’re saving a lot of money or finding out they’re qualified for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (nearly 400,000 people), after Trump had refused to do so, even during the pandemic. The administration is actually putting funding into both advertising open enrollment and recruiting navigators throughout the country to help. They’ve even created a 30-day toolkit for the public to use to help people get signed up.

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