• June 17, 2021

Exclusive: Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids : Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid

 Exclusive: Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids : Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid

Conventional hearing aids often require a visit to the doctor and are usually quite pricy, so the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid has been created to offer a more accessible alternative. Priced at $850, the hearing aid has been cleared by the FDA and is available over-the-counter to let consumers easily access it without having to head into a doctor’s office. The accompanying smartphone app will enable users to enjoy impressive control over the hearing device, while the unit will also provide a self-tuning functionality.

The Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid was explained further by Category Director of Bose Hear Brian Maguire who said, “In the United States alone, approximately 48 million people suffer from some degree of hearing loss that interferes with their life. But the cost and complexity of treatment have become major barriers to getting help. The Bose Hear app lets owners set up and customize their SoundControl Hearing Aids from home — in less than an hour — to reconnect with the moments that matter. That’s an amazing advancement the industry has been missing and nothing short of a breakthrough.”

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