• August 4, 2021

Exclusive: PewDiePie and Dream Fans Clash After He Comments On Dream’s Cheating Controversy

 Exclusive: PewDiePie and Dream Fans Clash After He Comments On Dream’s Cheating Controversy

Pewdiepie mentioned Dream in a recent video and talked about his cheating speedrun controversy. Dream is a Minecraft YouTuber and he is best known for his skilled speed runs and manhunt series.

Back in 2020, Dream was stripped off of the title on the Minecraft Speedrun Leaderboard after an official conclusion that he was cheating. However, after a thorough look into the situation, Dream realized part of it is his fault. Pewdiepie commented saying it became a whole schpeel between Dream and the internet and his fans. He said people were defending him and attacking him.

The YouTuber said, “I don’t want to drag it all up again, but I did find it interesting how after so long Dream admitted to cheating and that the effect was that he had a mod that was giving him more favourable drop rates in the game…It was definitely one of the biggest cheating things, probably.”

Pewdiepie talked about the Minecraft YouTuber in his video titled, Top 10 Streamers Caught Cheating. Many fans of Dream called him out for using the former’s name for “clout”. Pewdiepie is among the top five YouTubers who has garnered over 100 million subscribers. His fans, on the other hand, stated that the YouTuber does not need clout.

Fans of both the YouTubers came to their defence. Dream’s fans stated that Pewdiepie was using Dream’s name to remain relevant while Pewdiepie fans said that the YouTuber was one of the prominent creators. However, Dream himself acknowledged the situation and he said that it started with him using PewDiepie as clickbait and ends up with PewDiepie using him for clickbait.

The Minecraft YouTuber called it the “circle of Youtube” and continued in another tweet. He said he has no hard feelings against the YouTuber and that people are upset on his behalf. While both of their fans were having their conflicts, others took the opportunity to create memes.

Pewdiepie was trending on Twitter after he used Dream’s picture as his thumbnail.

Are you enjoying the memes or are you in on the clash between PewDiepie fans and Dream’s Fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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