• August 4, 2021

Exclusive: Pollution-Blocking Stroller Covers : stroller cover

 Exclusive: Pollution-Blocking Stroller Covers : stroller cover

The ‘BRIMMU’ anti-smog stroller cover has been designed by 2Sympleks Design as a solution for urban parents to incorporate onto a pram to keep young children protected from airborne contaminants.

The system works by being positioned over the child when they are seated and will go to work filtering the air that enters into the interior space. This will work to prevent pollution, allergens and even viruses from coming in for enhanced peace of mind for parents when walking the streets of their city.

The ‘BRIMMU’ anti-smog stroller cover addresses the need for portable air purification technology, especially amongst vulnerable populations who might be more susceptible to the effects of pollution or pathogens alike. The system maintains a durable design that wouldn’t detract from a child’s ability to see out or a person’s ability to see in.

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