• September 27, 2021

Exclusive: Smart Home Management Tools : Orros Pulse

 Exclusive: Smart Home Management Tools : Orros Pulse

Orro, a company specializing in smart home technology solutions, has announced its plan to launch ‘Orro Pulse,’ a sophisticated remote smart home management system for professional installers. The new solution is aimed at improving efficiency when installing an Orro Smart Living System (the brand’s signature product).

Ideally, ‘Orro Pulse’ will allow professional users to remotely diagnose and resolve technical problems that would otherwise require a physical visit from an Orro technician. The system itself will come in the form of a user-friendly smart home management dashboard.

“Orro Pulse supercharges installation and ongoing service of a smart home while providing professional installers with new opportunities to earn recurring revenue through service plans and subscription packages,” said Orro’s head of channel development, Patrick Gall.

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