• August 1, 2021

Exclusive: Solar-Powered Energy Cells : LAYER module

 Exclusive: Solar-Powered Energy Cells : LAYER module

As batteries continue to make up a bulk of e-waste, the French startup Dracula Technologies offers an innovative power solution in the LAYER modules. The technology company is the first in the world to create a shaped collection of Organic Photovoltaic Cells (OPVs). The LAYER modules use these OPVs to generate energy through exposure to ambient light—both natural and artificial. While the energy output is low due to the module’s size, the rechargeable cells could potentially provide an eco-friendly replacement to household batteries.

In order to keep costs down and maintain the concept’s scalability, the LAYER module is made using inkjet printing. The printer inks contain conductive materials that are organic and do not require rare earth metals like batteries. The inks can be specialized to work in indoor, outdoor, and mixed environments. Due to this innovative process, the LAYER modules can be easily customized in shape and size to perform different functions.

Image Credit: Dracula Technologies

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