• July 29, 2021

Exclusive: Some VERY big news for the Community Contributors Team!

 Exclusive: Some VERY big news for the Community Contributors Team!

Our first addition is a new name for most of you, since she’s worked tirelessly behind the scenes as one of Daily Kos’ copyeditors since joining the staff in 2017. Turns out I couldn’t always keep up with all the great writers on the CC Team, so Emily Epstein White generously started helping me out every so often last year. This year, “every so often” became “quite frequently” and now she’s the Senior Editor of Community Content. 

Emily lives down the street from one of my best friends with two amazing kids, her husband, and a dog. She does standup comedy when she’s not loving her family, working with writers here, working with writers elsewhere, or sleeping. Soon, you’ll be seeing her in your comments, as she helps me with The Chase for great Community content to elevate to the Front Page, and gets to know you all much better. 


Now let’s revisit some of your recommendations of our newest Community Fellow. I’ve redacted their name for now, because I think it is fun to draw this big reveal out for as long as I possibly can.

“___ works pretty hard on these here pages!” ~eeff

”If I could pick just one person to put on the front page my pick would be ___—hands down.” ~Sylv

”___ deserves recognition for all [they do] here. (And payment wouldn’t hurt, either.)” ~bonniebluesky

”I’d also like to 8th (or whatever the number is up to now) the nomination for ___.” ~CameronProf

”As a regular … reader, I’ll ninth or tenth that! “ ~nontradgrad

”___ deserves kudos and access to the Front Page.” ~John in Denver

”I agree. ___ should be added to this group.” ~angeaz

Do you have any guesses yet?

Our new Community Fellow joined Daily Kos in 2009 and is a prolific writer and editor for several series and groups, from Overnight News Digest to What Are You Reading? to Top Comments to Black Kos. His signature rants and heartfelt personal stories are must-reads around here, and that’s before we talk about the Pundit Roundups that he’s been doing every Thursday and Sunday. 

As you can imagine, I literally screamed when he accepted my invitation to join the team. 

By now, surely you know where I’m going with this: Please join me in a huge welcome as Chitown Kev joins the Community Contributors Team! You’ll start seeing his APRs on the Front Page starting this Sunday, in addition to longform stories like the ones you’ve come to expect from the CC Team since we started the program last year.

As I’ve said before, we’re listening, and we’re reading, so keep on writing. Thank you for all of you who informally “nominated” Kev. We’re so very lucky to have him on the team.

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