• September 17, 2021

Exclusive: Sports-Specific Workout Watches : G-SHOCK G-SQUAD

 Exclusive: Sports-Specific Workout Watches : G-SHOCK G-SQUAD

Recently released, the G-SHOCK G-SQUAD is a line of smartwatches that utilize new technology to calibrate users’ sport-specific workouts. The line of sports-ready watches comes in three different models: the GBD 200-1in black, the GBD 200-2 in blue, and the GBD 200-9 in yellow or lime.

All of the GBD 200 models consist of G-Shock’s iconic square-shaped face but provide a slimmer, more lightweight profile design than its predecessors. Specifically, these watches are 2.0mm slimmer, 3.4mm narrower, and 8.8mm shorter than previous models. The timepiece display contains a series of basic fitness information, including calories burned and steps taken. For a more detailed analysis of their workouts, users can download G-SHOCK’s mobile fitness app, which allows them to record and track their data when combined with the watch.

This product stands out because it can recognize 15 different sport-specific workouts ranging from biking to fishing and snowboarding to swimming.

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