• August 2, 2021

Exclusive: Touch-Reactant Non-Humanoid Robots : Post-Plant Robots

 Exclusive: Touch-Reactant Non-Humanoid Robots : Post-Plant Robots

Keunwook Kim designed the non-humanoid Post-Plant robots. Inspired by the growth cycle and emotive movement of plant life, these robots are engineered to respond to and express emotion by reacting to physical touch. This non-verbal and physical interaction follows a period of research on how humans can read emotion via non-verbal cues.

Kim’s findings suggested that dynamic energy (arousal), intrinsic attractiveness (valence), and visual disposition (stance) act as signs for emotional analysis. The researcher used this information to create Post-Plant’s physical responsive system. For example, Post-Plant spins its propeller-like leaves in response to the touch of shivers, which indicates unhappiness. The goal of the project is to cultivate emotional relationships between humans and robots through non-humanoid kinetic gestures.

Image Credit: Yanko Design / Keunwook Kim

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