• August 4, 2021

Exclusive: VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam

 Exclusive: VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam

The VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam is an advanced piece of equipment for modern drivers to incorporate into their vehicle when looking to maximize their peace of mind both on and off of the road.

The camera works by being positioned into the dashboard section thanks to a suction cup on the mount and will face one camera lens outwards with another pointing into the cabin. The outside-facing lens offers a 2K resolution to easily pick up small details on the roadway, while the interior captures content in 1080p to make it great for both security and capturing memories.

The VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam can be customized via the accompanying smartphone app and features a G-sensor to keep an eye out for motion to start recording if an accident while parked is detected.

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