• September 24, 2021

Exclusive: Water-Powered Teeth Flossers : Oclean

 Exclusive: Water-Powered Teeth Flossers : Oclean

Oclean, a company specializing in smart oral and dental technology, has announced the launch of two new stylish, high-performance products: the ‘Oclean W10’ and the ‘Oclean Flow.’

The ‘Oclean W10’ is a first-of-its-kind home water flosser with a minimalist design, unique hand strap, and powerful 0.66mm water jet that produces 1400 pulses per minute. Featuring five unique “flow modes” and four nozzles, this water flosser can be adjusted to meet a wide variety of dental requirements. The unit itself is offered in two colors: pastel green and pink.

Meanwhile, the ‘Oclean Flow’ is a sleek and highly portable electric toothbrush with an extremely long-lasting battery; a single charge can provide the toothbrush enough juice to last 180 days. In addition, it boasts five brushing modes with varying vibration strengths and frequencies and even offers users the option to toggle between morning and night modes.

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