• June 20, 2021

Exclusive: Wearable Virtual Collectibles : wearable nfts

 Exclusive: Wearable Virtual Collectibles : wearable nfts

Exclusively for avatars on its own platform, IMVU created digital wearable NFTs that can be purchased on OpenSea. There are a total of six looks that have been created by emerging fashion designers Gypsy Sport, Mowalola, Freak City, Mimi Wade, BruceGlen and My Mum Made It.

Fusing high fashion with the limitless nature of the metaverse, the designs give users on the platform a sense of ownership and a unique way to express their personal sense of style, all the while putting power back in the hands of creators. Some of the items that can be sported by IMVU avatars include rhinestone-studded handbags, silk tie sets and oversized souvenir hoodies.

Previously, IMVU’s parent company, Together Labs, ventured into the world of blockchain with a cryptocurrency designed for the metaverse.

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