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  • February 28, 2021

Exclusive: Will Mark Zuckerberg Retire From Facebook in 2022?

 Exclusive: Will Mark Zuckerberg Retire From Facebook in 2022?

Among tech pundit Robert Cringley’s predictions for 2021? “This year is going to be a tough one for Mark Zuckerberg.”
[W]hile I don’t expect Zuckerberg to abandon his CEO job this year, he eventually will, simply because it isn’t as much fun as it used to be and there will come a point (maybe in 2022) when leaving the top job will help Facebook’s stock…

Zuckerberg no longer has any who have faced what he is facing today. He has outgrown his own psychological support system… Zuckerberg’s primary role models have been Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Larry Page. Each modeled different ways to manage through dominance. Steve was a brilliant tyrant (“I know I’m an asshole,” he told me more than once); Bill tried to technically dominate by claiming to identify bad code from across a room (he really can’t); Larry taught by example to hide behind the algorithm, blaming it for, well, everything from nonexistent customer service to employee income inequality. The only unique truly self-actualized character in this mentor group was Steve Jobs and Steve is dead…

But none of those guys faced what Zuckerberg faces today, calling all the shots and making all the hard calls by himself. That has to be exhausting… [T]he social media market is in transition and none of my kids have Facebook accounts, which I think is telling… And so 2021 will see Facebook poked and prodded and taxed and regulated and possibly even torn apart. Google will be, too, but Facebook is frankly less essential and more vulnerable. How Zuckerberg responds will be where he blazes his own managerial trail. However it goes will take a toll, though, and even Zuck will eventually decide it’s better to become a philanthropist and find some new way to change the world. Though probably not until 2022.

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