• June 20, 2021

Exclusive: Will Maze Become the New Warden of Hell?

 Exclusive: Will Maze Become the New Warden of Hell?

Will Mazikeen become Hell’s next warden or queen in season 6 as a result of the events in Lucifer season 5B? Originally, Lucifer season 5 was set to be the final season of the DC-Vertigo thriller, with Warner Bros. TV and Netflix announcing the upcoming finale. However, in an unexpectedly large move, the two studios agreed to bring back main actor Tom Ellis and the entire cast for a ten-episode second season. While the final season will bring the show to a close, Lucifer season 5 finished on a number of major plot twists.

Following their Father’s retirement, Lucifer, after a long battle with his twin-brother Michael, is crowned the new God. Because this will fundamentally change the game for Lucifer’s last season, the status quo will be destroyed, especially for Maze. Maze discovers that she has a soul all along after attempting to obtain one in the fifth season.

Maze has developed a soul since her arrival on Earth, where she made friends and fell in love. Maze, however, wants to be the Queen of Hell now that the Devil has become God.

Maze and Lucifer

Even if Lucifer is the new Almighty Father, there will undoubtedly be some opposing forces, and Hell may become a new problem as a result. Even if it goes against Lucifer’s wishes, it’s possible that the only way for the universe to preserve balance is for Hell to require some sort of ruler. Maze will almost certainly succeed Lucifer, whether as the new warden or as the queen of Hell. Unless Lucifer can actually reform Hell as God, Maze will most likely be forced to make a crucial decision in the final season.

Maze has two options: she can keep her soul but lose the throne, or she can give it up and govern Hell as the symbol.
Maze may have an interesting issue next season, given that Lucifer is skilled at making it apparent that characters can’t have their cake and eat it, too.

Lucifer’s fate will be one of the major issues for the series to solve before it’s all said and done, so Netflix made the right move in allowing him to return for another season.

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