• September 24, 2021

Exclusive: World Bank report on climate crisis breaks down worst-case scenario, and we all need to read it

 Exclusive: World Bank report on climate crisis breaks down worst-case scenario, and we all need to read it

So, what can be done? According to researchers, we need to be taking action now to determine possible hotspots for migration, prepare for where people in need will move to, and support people who are not able (or choose not to) migrate elsewhere. We know that refugees and people living in conflicts are particularly vulnerable, for example, as a lack of development and stability can severely impact their ability to prepare and adapt. We also know that before moving countries, people tend to shift from rural to urban areas. All of this context is potentially important in giving people the safest route for migration.

In terms of climate change itself, researchers stress the importance of collective action to reduce emissions and development. 

If thinking about the future in these terms makes you reflect a little deeper on the way climate change may impact your life or the life of future generations, you are not alone. As reported by The Washington Post, a new survey published Tuesday by the Pew Research Center shows that more than half of folks living in economically advanced countries are concerned that climate change will make them suffer. That is to say that while experts are deeply concerned about how chronically folks, like refugees, will survive the climate crisis, the planet may finally be in a dire enough position that even privileged folks are waking up. 

This particular survey included residents of more than 15 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America, with about 20,000 people. Most people surveyed—including most Americans—claim they would be open to making changes in how they live to help reduce climate change. Unsurprisingly, younger generations on the global scale are more concerned about how climate change may affect them personally when compared to older folks. Also unsurprisingly, progressives worldwide say they are more willing to make those personal changes to combat climate change.

Now, individual choices are critical, but it’s really corporations that need to make large-scale changes. Clearly, most corporations aren’t willing to do that independently, so we need our elected officials (and the general public) to hold them accountable and push for better. 

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