• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: Engineers At MIT Have Created Actual Programmable Fibers

Engineers at MIT have recently announced that they have successfully developed a programmable fiber. Interesting Engineering reports: Featured in Nature Communications, this new research could result in the development of wearable tech that could sense, store, analyze, and infer the activity(s) of its wearers in real-time. The senior author of the study, Yeol Fink, believes […]Read More

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Exclusive: Manchin is no constitutional scholar, actual constitutional scholars prove

Campaign Action Manchin is laboring under the impression—or excuse—that admitting the district as a state would require a constitutional amendment. Earlier this month, he said on West Virginia MetroNews’ Talkline radio that he had taken a “deep dive” on the issue and knew what he was talking about. “D.C. statehood is not a new one,” Manchin […]Read More