• September 17, 2021

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Exclusive: Influencer Marketing Apps : traackr

The influencer marketing platform, Traackr, is launching an interactive app that ranks the most successful influencer marketing programs amongst 1,422 beauty brands. Influencer marketing has become a staple growth strategy for brands – especially during the pandemic – and continues to be a great way to drive sales and increase production consideration. As investing in […]Read More

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Exclusive: Household Playground Apps : Kaleidoscopic Home

Kaleidoscopic Home is a concept from IKEA’s SPACE10 experimental design lab and creative technologists Tin & Ed, and it injects a sense of wonder into familiar surroundings. With augmented reality and procedurally generated content, the concept turns homes into ever-changing playgrounds to support mental and physical well-being. Thanks to the evolving nature of the experience, […]Read More

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Exclusive: Free Volunteer-Made Vaccine Apps : Free Vaccination Receipts

Vaine Hunters Canada, a volunteer-led organization that helps Canadians find vaccination sites, recently debuted a new application that acts as a temporary way to load your vaccine paperwork to your iPhone wallet. The tool converts your vaccination receipt from the Ontario Ministry of Health on your Apple Wallet, allowing easy access until the official, government-sanctioned […]Read More


Exclusive: A look at the state of the VC industry:

Mark Suster / Both Sides of the Table: A look at the state of the VC industry: from over-paying in the face of absurd valuations, to big bets on decentralized “Web 3.0” apps, cybersecurity, and more  —  The world around us is being disrupted by the acceleration of technology into more industries and more consumer […]Read More

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Exclusive: Post-Hospital Care Apps : Laguna Health

Laguna Health, a digital recovery assurance company, has announced the launch of a brand new app to help patients manage their at-home care following discharge from the hospital. The innovative app will provide post-discharge patients with 24/7 access to a digital care team made up of behavioral care providers and coaches. Moreover, it will also […]Read More

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Exclusive: Entertaining Gratitude Apps : Earthjoy

The ‘Earthjoy’ app is a social media-like tool for users looking to practice daily gratitude in a fun, interactive way that also helps to spread the experience with others. The app features a self-proclaimed Instagram-like interface that enables journaling experiences along with science-based cognitive techniques to help users build a healthy self-care routine. The journals […]Read More