• June 17, 2021

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Exclusive: Biden admin to expand program that allows kids in

Several other leading immigrant and human rights organization responded positively to CAM’s expansion. In a statement, Human Rights First refugee protection director Eleanor Acer called it “an important step in the right direction that should provide a critical pathway to protection for some at-risk children. U.S. agencies should process these children’s cases quickly and ramp […]Read More

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Exclusive: Biden admin is taking an important step to aid

Dream Big Nevada deputy director and U-visa recipient Dulce Valencia called the administration’s expansion of work permits “tremendous news,” citing the long process she endured. “My U-Visa has been life changing but the process itself took many years. This news renews my faith that times are changing for the better and gives me hope that the hundreds of thousands of […]Read More

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Exclusive: Biden Administration Forms Blueprint to Combat Domestic Extremism

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is aiming to bolster information sharing with technology companies, potentially expand hiring of intelligence analysts and improve screening of government employees for ties to domestic terrorism as part of a much-anticipated plan expected to be released on Tuesday detailing how the federal government should combat extremism. President Biden ordered the […]Read More