• September 28, 2021

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Exclusive: A Tesla Big Battery Is Getting Sued Over Power

Tesla’s Big Battery, located in southern Australia, just got hit with a federal lawsuit for failing to provide the crucial grid support it once promised it could. Motherboard reports: Built by Tesla in 2017, the 150-megawatt battery supplies 189 megawatt-hours of storage and was designed to support the grid when it becomes overloaded. Now operated […]Read More


Exclusive: When the FBI Seizes Your Messages from Big Tech,

When America’s law enforcement investigators serve tech companies with subpoenas or search warrants,”the target of the investigation has no idea their data is being seized,” the Washington Post pointed out this weekend. It’s becoming surprisingly common in the U.S. “And if investigators obtain a gag order, the records must be handed over without the person’s […]Read More


Exclusive: Are You Ready To Share Your Analprint With Big

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: For the past 10 years, Sonia Grego has been thinking about toilets — and more specifically what we deposit into them. “We are laser-focused on the analysis of stool,” says the Duke University research professor, with all the unselfconsciousness of someone used to talking about bodily […]Read More

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Exclusive: Newly obtained emails show Trump administration ignored pandemic in

If you already thought the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response resembled two drunk howler monkeys punching each other in the groin on a Tilt-A-Whirl, you’ll be horrified—though certainly not surprised—to discover it was actually worse than previously thought. It’s certainly an open question whether Donald Trump’s flailing monkeys focusing on an urgent crisis is a good […]Read More