• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: Intelligent LED Control Systems : Glo Rev 2

The ‘Glo Rev 2’ programmable LED controller has been developed by Anaveo Labs as an Arduino-compatible solution fo customizing the lighting effects of up to 300 LEDs. The compact controller boasts a WiFi-enabled functionality that can be monitored via the accompanying smartphone app and will connect to systems via a USB-C connection. Users can make […]Read More

Politics News

Exclusive: How Trump’s unusually weak Alaska showing helped Democrats keep

Republican House nominees also won 21 seats—though as we’ll discuss, they don’t overlap perfectly with Trump’s—while Democrats took 15 and independents prevailed in the remaining four. But even though Republicans have enjoyed a nominal majority in the 40-member House since 1995, an ever-shifting Democratic-led coalition known as the Majority Caucus has run the chamber since […]Read More

Trend News

Exclusive: Music Gesture Control Devices : PEBLWEAR

The ‘PEBLWEAR’ music controller is a gesture control solution for users to incorporate into their everyday technology carry roster to help streamline their experience when looking to change the volume, the track and more. The device maintains a palm-sized construction that will enable users to slip it into their pocket to perform various gestures to […]Read More