• June 15, 2021

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Exclusive: Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’ defeats BTS’Summer Out’ and Olivia Rodrigo’s

The song ‘Peaches’ from Justin Bieber’s album Justice won the VH1 Summer League 2021 this year, beating out BTS’s ‘Summer Out,’ Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver Licence,’ and Bruno Mars and Anderson.collaboration Paak’s ‘Leave the Door Open.’ Fans were invited to vote for their favourite song to be placed at the top. The competition eventually devolved into […]Read More

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Exclusive: DARED! Jordan Peterson to Justin Trudeau: ‘Just Try and

Jordan Peterson, a popular Canadian psychologist and author, dared his government to “just try and regulate [his] YouTube channel and see what happens.”  Peterson clashed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter because of Trudeau’s support for legislation termed the “censorship bill” by The Post Millennial. If passed, the law could potentially regulate user-generated social […]Read More

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Exclusive: Justin Lafferty, Tennessee Lawmaker, Draws Fire for Three-Fifths Compromise

NASHVILLE — The Three-Fifths Compromise, an agreement reached during the negotiations in 1787 to create the United States Constitution, found that, for the purposes of representation and taxation, only three-fifths of a state’s enslaved people would be counted toward its total population. It is regarded as one of the most racist deals among the states […]Read More