• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: Proactive Virus-Fighting Air Purifiers : Puraclenz Air Purifier

With the impending post-pandemic return to office life, Puraclenz launched its line of next-generation Puraclenz Air Purifiers to provide proactive air cleansing. The ozone-free air purifiers use PCO technology to trap and destroy airborne bacteria with concentrated UV light. This technology is highly effective against everything from viruses and bacteria to allergens and mold spores. […]Read More

Trend News

Exclusive: Cooling Air Purifiers : Air purifier Fan

The Hunter ExtremeAir HPF500 Tower Bladeless Air Purifier Fan is a multifunctional appliance for the modern home that will provide users with a way to stay cool in the heat, while also keeping air as clean as possible. The unit boasts a built-in three-stage air filtration functionality that includes a HEPA filter to effectively remove […]Read More