• September 28, 2021

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Exclusive: Business cheers as result rules out jolt to the

Supporters wave flags at the Social Democrats (SPD) headquarters after the exit polls were broadcast on television in Berlin on September 26, 2021. ODD ANDERSEN | AFP | Getty Images German business leaders have voiced relief after the country’s federal election results quashed the possibility of the next government having a strong left-leaning slant. Preliminary […]Read More


Exclusive: UK Appeals Court Rules AI Cannot Be Listed As

The United Kingdom is the latest country to rule that an artificial intelligence can’t be legally credited as an inventor. Engadget reports: Per the BBC, the UK Court of Appeal recently ruled against Dr. Stephen Thaler in a case involving the country’s Intellectual Property Office. In 2018, Thaler filed two patent applications in which he […]Read More

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Exclusive: Federal judge rules against DeSantis ban on so-called sanctuary

The Associated Press (AP) reports that DeSantis had pushed the law while running for governor, in 2019 signing legislation “at a campaign-style appearance in the conservative Panhandle region, unlike his other more subdued formal bill signing events.” Never mind that there’s no evidence that so-called sanctuary city policies harm public safety; DeSantis and state Republicans had an agenda to pass, and they did […]Read More


Exclusive: India slams UK’s new travel rules as ‘discriminatory,’ warns

Travelers at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021. T. Narayan | Bloomberg | Getty Images India slammed the U.K.’s decision to exclude vaccinated Indian travelers from its new travel guidelines, calling it “discriminatory” and warning of reciprocal measures. The British government will next month allow fully vaccinated travelers […]Read More