• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: Cornyn’s Dream Act counterproposal is a nightmare that would

“While your legislative proposal would protect these ‘currently enrolled and active’ DACA recipients, it would exclude hundreds of thousands of Dreamers who are eligible for DACA but were blocked from enrolling in the program by the previous administration,” Durbin responded. While he notes there’s currently over 616,000 active DACA beneficiaries in the U.S., “the Migration Policy Institute estimates […]Read More


Exclusive: Linus Torvalds Tells Anti-Vaxxer To Shut Up On Linux

Linus Torvalds was “clearly unamused” by a “humanoid conspiracy theory, and also on its discussion in a Linux kernel topic thread,” reports Neowin. They add that Torvalds “weighed in quite heavily with some very strong language, mixed with some biology lessons…” Here’s an excerpt from Torvalds’ response (as shared by Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm): Please keep […]Read More