• July 26, 2021

Tags : Sleek

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Exclusive: Sleek Ultra-Quiet Blenders : PowerCrush Digital Blender

The PowerCrush Digital Blender addresses one of the major problems with traditional blenders: they’re way too loud. The new blender from kitchen appliance brand Black + Decker keeps noise to a minimum with its integrated Quiet Technology. Alongside the sound-dampening technology, the PowerCrush Digital Blender offers powerful blending performance with its 700-watt motor and PowerCrush […]Read More

Trend News

Exclusive: Sleek Expandable Backpacks : RiutBag X35

The innovative RiutBag X35 backpack has an expandable design that creates a convenient variable carrying capacity. The flexible concept earned the backpack a European Product Design Award in 2020. The RiutBag X35 has a sleek, all-black look with a tactical feel to it. The bag is made with durable, waterproof materials that protect the contents […]Read More