• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: BROKEN RECORD: Brian Stelter Puts On Carl Bernstein to

On last Sunday’s Reliable Sources, author Michael Wolff admonished host Brian Stelter for his show having “all the people saying the same old stuff….You’re incredibly repetitive. It’s week after week.” This Sunday, it’s exactly the same, with Stelter bringing on “legendary investigative journalist” Carl Bernstein for what feels like the 37th time calling Trump a […]Read More

Politics News

Exclusive: Why Biden Seems Worse to China Than Trump

From China’s perspective, the blows from the United States just keep coming. Sanctions and export controls over the crackdown in Xinjiang. A warning to international businesses about the deteriorating climate in Hong Kong. The rejection of visas for students and researchers suspected of having links to the People’s Liberation Army. Now the United States has […]Read More