• June 15, 2021

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Exclusive: Voting as an inclusionary practice

The guidelines for good management The most effective way to manage anything, whether it’s your business or a campaign, is to develop a strategy around how to get the most done quickly and accurately. This chart, which Harvard Business Review refers to as a “hack,” is actually something many of us have used for a very […]Read More

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Exclusive: Who has more sway over Manchin on voting rights,

Campaign Action The Koch network is doing him a real solid right now by running ads in West Virginia, and “specifically calls on its grassroots supporters to push Manchin, a conservative Democrat, to be against some of his party’s legislative priorities.” They’ve tailored their effort to Manchin, with an Americans for Prosperity (AFP) website they’re calling “West Virginia […]Read More

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Exclusive: Manchin rejects voting rights bill; Meadows pushed Rosen to

Grasping at every straw: Trump administration efforts to overturn election results included asking the Justice Department to probe whether Italy used ‘satellites’ to alter vote totals In the news today: Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin released a pomp-rich but substance-thin editorial announcing his opposition to a Democratic voting rights bill because … Republicans don’t like it. […]Read More