• June 15, 2021

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Exclusive: Biden admin returns $2 billion swindled by previous admin

President Biden had on Day One ordered a pause to wall construction while his administration reviewed the project, an order that some builders appeared to violate. In footage shot by Tucson Samaritans in February, bulldozers and an excavator could be seen tearing into the Pajarito Mountains in Arizona. “They’re leveling mountains & destroying jaguar habitat in an apparent […]Read More


Exclusive: How the $1 trillion market for ‘green’ bonds is

So-called green bonds have become more popular in recent years, and this fast-growing segment of the $128.3 trillion global bond market could grow even more. When an issuer sells a green bond, they’re making a nonbinding commitment to earmark the sale’s proceeds for environmentally friendly projects. That could include renewable energy projects, constructing energy efficient […]Read More


Exclusive: Jim Cramer adds AT&T CEO to Wall of Shame:

After days of contemplation, Jim Cramer has officially affixed the current and former heads of AT&T into the “Mad Money” Wall of Shame. “Randall Stephenson and John Stankey, welcome to the Wall of Shame,” the CNBC host said Thursday, days after the telecom giant announced it’s separating from WarnerMedia. “Thanks for nothing.” The entertainment company […]Read More