• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: Tiffany Cross Claims Kavanaugh ‘Exhibited ‘White Man Rage’

Almost three years have passed since Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation and the left still can’t let it go. The most recent example was Tiffany Cross, host of MSNBC’s The Cross Connection, declaring that Kavanaugh exhibited “privilege” and “white man rage” while defending himself of sexual assault. The genesis for Cross’s remarks was a recent New York Times report that […]Read More


Exclusive: White Sox’s Tony La Russa to talk with Yermin

White Sox manager Tony La Russa said Wednesday that he will try to change Yermin Mercedes’ mind about quitting baseball. La Russa told reporters Mercedes may have just been “frustrated” when he wrote on Instagram that he was stepping away from the game “indefinitely.” La Russa boasted that Mercedes has said multiple times that the two […]Read More