• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: Guess who’s suspended when ESPN host suggests Black peer

Taylor is in the process of negotiating a new contract with ESPN as her current contract expires on July 20, Deadline reported. It’s unfortunate timing for the anchor, considering ESPN announced on Tuesday that sports journalist Malika Andrews, a Black woman, will replace Nichols as sideline reporter during the NBA Finals, according to The Washington Post. “We believe this is […]Read More

Politics News

Exclusive: Who’s really trying to defund police? Chris Wallace takes

Republicans who’ve grossly mischaracterized the defund the police effort have repeatedly accused Biden of supporting their misinterpretation, which is to strip law enforcement agencies of all funding leaving rapists and murderers free to roam suburban streets. The actual call of the defund the police movement is to reallocate a portion of public safety funding to preventative […]Read More


Exclusive: Who is Nico Harrison? Meet the Nike executive who’s

The Mavericks appear to be taking an unconventional route in hiring their next general manager. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that the team is “progressing” on an agreement to bring Nico Harrison to Dallas as its next president of basketball operations. Wojnarowski also reports that Jason Kidd is close to becoming the Mavs’ new coach. While Kidd is […]Read More

Politics News

Exclusive: Who’s paying the human costs of plastic pollution?

The Clean Air Task Force estimates that 1.8 million Latino people in the U.S. live within half a mile of an oil and gas facility, increasing odds of preterm birth and respiratory illness. The production of plastic feedstocks and the raw fossil fuels used to make most plastics affect communities’ immune, reproductive, developmental, and respiratory systems, starting right […]Read More