• July 26, 2021

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Exclusive: A Privacy War is Raging Within the World Wide

Inside the World Wide Web Consortium, where the world’s top engineers battle over the future of your data. From a report: One of the web’s geekiest corners, the W3C is a mostly-online community where the people who operate the internet — website publishers, browser companies, ad tech firms, privacy advocates, academics and others — come […]Read More

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Exclusive: Manchin’s filibuster reform opposition cracks a bit. Biden’s friend

Campaign Action That’s one potential filibuster reform that has been under consideration by the Senate Democrats who want to see an end to the Republicans’ refusal to pass anything good. A return to the talking filibuster—which Manchin is now saying he’d think about allowing—would force Republicans to actually work to obstruct legislation. As it stands […]Read More